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Digital or Printed Marketing?

In we are of the criterion that there is no type of inefficient Marketing, either digital or printed. The success of any advertising campaign depends on the strategies to achieve the objectives, regardless of the means used to do so.

First of all you must determine at what stage your business is located and from there you define the objectives you need, the messages you must convey and the best means to do so.

The advertising medium in which you show your messages must be a strategic decision beyond its price, your own taste or the tradition of always doing the same. That is why you should have the critrerio of specialists in Marketing.

In you can count on a marketing strategy that can combine, in a balanced way, the digital channels with the printed ones to reach different audiences and expand your visibility.

Digital advertising A business need

As is known, every time people spend more time connected on the Internet, especially thanks to the revolution of mobile devices. Today, we look for the products or services we want on the Internet

We want to investigate about the options that there are about a certain product, and which brand offers the best offer, we want to see images of that article that we want to convince us even more that we want it. So the online presence has become a business need.

In we take into account different platforms offered by the Internet when designing our advertising strategies: search engines, web pages, digital media, social networks and video channels are just some of them. The success of any advertising campaign is mainly based on knowing how to identify those suitable channels in relation to the objectives of the company, taking into account their profitability and effectiveness.

Traditional marketing in the digital era.

Despite being in a digital age, print advertising has survived.

Promoting business through printed media, helps the audience to know the products or services in a much more tangible way. This type of advertising gives the impression of security, since it can be palpated directly. Being a printed material, which can not be erased as easily, as with a click, it offers more confidence to consumers. The printed formats ensure the customer's attention, since he spends a certain time reading them. Not so in the case of digital advertising where the user can change web instantly or be consulting several at the same time.

At, we recommend our clients not to discard printed media. We analyze the ways to use them to provide the best results. By promoting your brand through several communication channels, you will increase the effectiveness of your campaign and reach a greater number of people.

Our graphic designers, photographers and marketing experts will work hand in hand with you to give your brand the distinction it deserves.

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