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What is the design of identity

The corporate identity is the letter of presentation of companies, is the image that is transmitted to customers and partners, an added value, through which companies show their values, both tangible (brand, typography, colors ... and intangible ( mission, vision, values ...).

In short, the corporate identity of a company is its reason for being. It is the sum of characteristics, values and beliefs with which a business is identified, and thanks to which, it differs from the rest of the business, over time.

In order to create a favorable corporate identity, takes into account the vision and objectives of the company, the target audience. to draw attention and not lose a high percentage of potential customers.

Branding and identity

How we strengthen your brand?

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Corporate Identity Benefits for your business

Many companies do not give you the value that corporate identity counseling deserves

In the ruthless business world of these times, the creation of a brand identity is essential to achieve customer loyalty, an aspect of vital importance for any company.

Among the main benefits of Corporate Identity for your business we can mention: the increase in the value of the brand, the visual distinction, the confidence for both workers and customers, the coherence in communications and the positioning of the brand.

Marketing research has shown that it costs much less to attract new customers than to retain them. That is why the most important brands carefully develop their corporate image to strengthen and maintain long-term business success.

In you will find the necessary advice to create and strengthen your brand.

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