Now you can access faster and easier than ever the offers and / or services that are happening right around you.

DEALBY is a proximity marketing system, marketing here and now, developed by, with the aim of showing in an easy, fast, attractive and timely way, the offers and/or services that are happening right around the users. You no longer need someone to tell you about the discounts, offers, services or events that take place around you.

You won’t need to search offers in classifieds, flyers, or other systems or mobile applications. DEALBY will do it for you, in the easiest, fastest, simplest, organized, attractive and timely way. No distractions, no annoying commercials. DEALBY shows you the best offers and/or services that you can not miss and that are happening a few steps away.
See how easy it is!

How does DealBy works?

How do you get the best offers near you?

Dealby uses the location of your smartphones to show the best offers or services in the area ( or mall) where clients are located.

It has a simple interface that provides users with an experience similar to traditional mobile applications, but with the advantage that it does not need to be installed, so it practically does not consume phone resources.

simple and intuitive

Why should you use DealBy when there are many applications that do similar things?

DEALBY is the only system of its kind, which allows users to quickly, easily and freely, access to the offers and/or services that occurs around them. It does not need to be downloaded or installed on the device and its content is validated by the specialists of, so we get really attractive and truthful offers.

There are several applications where you can find offers and coupons. These apps need to be installed on your phone and many of them only offer deals from known and big businesses since the cost of advertising for small businesses is very big in these applications platforms.

This does not happen with DealBy. Our business range from small to large businesses, so the offers that are published are diverse and numerous. Each offer is reviewed by our specialists and must meet certain terms and conditions. When false announcements or fake offers are detected we proceed to an immediate elimination.

If you find misleading offers or want to report an offer that you suspect to be fake,  you can contact us at [email protected], by calling 1-786-520-5860 or on our contact page.

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How to access DealBy offers?

Everyone can access DEALBY easily and quickly from any type of cell phone. In a simple way you can see the offers and/or services that are happening right around you.
Open your Browser

Open the phone browser, go to the website: You must have the device location activated to recognize the position where you are, usually, the location is activated. You must also have Internet on your phone.

Enjoy the nearest offers

In general, the offers are concentrated in shopping centers organized by businesses. From the list of offers, you can access the ones that interest you and enjoy the best discounts just steps away

Get and share offers

You can also access the contact information of each business (address, website and phone) and you can share offers with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Text, Google Plus and WhatsApp.

Follow these simple steps to activate location

Dealby needs to know the place where you are located in order to find the best deals around you. It is necessary to have ``location`` activated on your device.

Go to Settings> Location and activate

Iphone (IOS)

Go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services and activate

What are the advantages of dealBy

We are the only marketing system by proximity that think on the comfort of its clients



With dealBy users take advantage of a unique experience, each screen provides accurate information about the offers and/or services that happen around, with a simple, attractive and friendly design.


No installation

It does not need to be installed, which makes it easy to get the offers without any installation restrictions. Users can create a shortcut on the home screen of their device.



Its incomparable lightness eliminates any memory restriction in the devices. Users will no longer have to worry about the memory space of their available device, zero installation.



DEALBY is an online system developed with the idea of privileging users, offering them a maximum experience. Users will not have to waste time loading content. You will browse the deals in DEALBY with unparalleled speed.


Confidence requires that the offers and/or services published be truthful. We defend the idea that Marketing connects suppliers with consumers, with the purpose that everyone wins, so that fraud is out of practice.



Users will be able to access the information of the offers and/or services that are happening right around them or just a few steps away. You no longer need to search for deals several miles away. Take advantage of your time and access the best deals and those closest to you.

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